Saturday, 11 February 2012


Observation only ever in this room
when we have visitors
Otherwise the tattered shabbiness
of my ever-favourite, multi-coloured Habitat settee
does not impinge.


  1. I'm loving these glimpses of your house. Please tell me you spent weeks tidying up and cleaning before you took the photos.... I wouldn't DARE publish pictures of my rooms without a lot of work going on first! :)

  2. Not a moment's housework, I whizzed round the house on Monday morning with a camera in three minutes, when it was snowy outside, hence the gleaming light ... I just knew where to point the camera - honest. Cleaning takes place only before visitors arrive, or when I really can't ignore the grot any longer - and I have a very high tolerance for untidiness.

  3. Oh - and just to prove it - I only discovered yesterday that there is still a christmas card tucked behind the cream lamp ...

  4. Those books shelves look inviting. Can I come round and have a nose?