Thursday, 19 April 2012

Rain again! so here's one I took earlier

Another day I'll not be walking to the river!
 It's not the rain I mind so much as the mud
and the likelihood of me slipping on the downward slope
and landing ignominously in it!

(and I was amused by a letter in yesterday's Telegraph
asking whether this was the 'wettest drought on record?)


  1. I know about that 'wettest drought on record' comment. I was driving through standing water on the road for most of my two commutes yesterday. Where is all the water going if it's not filling up the rivers? (incidentally - the Derwent was nearly over its banks here a week ago - but we're facing a hosepipe ban!)

  2. Nice one. I guess we do need the rain, they say it will take more than a day or two of heavy rain to make up the shortfall - not 'politically correct' to say so but half the problem is that there are so many people using the water now!