Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Decision time

A need, next week, to write, not type, sets me to wondering what’s best.

I like the fine convenience of propelling pencils
but words too quickly smudge to illegible.
Asked my daughter, who recommends fine-liner felt tips,
remember that roller balls can be so smooth,
and that biros are best not the cheapest 
and realise I need to go to Staples.


  1. Writing is so much more satisfying than typing - I always write poetry and my small stones longhand first, editing is so much qucker to do until they get too messy to read! It can also be done on your knee in a comfey chair. Go for it.

  2. If your pencilled words are smudging you're using too soft a lead. Go for H. Convenience with durability. Oh - and use hard-bound notebooks then the pages don't move.


  3. But AJ I HATE H pencils, they make ME feel scratchy (although I have to admit I don't know what the lead in these propelling pencils is ...) The non-moving pages is a good tip except that being left-handed I usually buy reporter's notebooks... (cussed? me? perish the thought!)