Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Waking thoughts, having read in one sitting yesterday.

Picked up from ‘Help the Aged’
a book the blurb for which implies it’s teenage sex.
But it turns out to be multi-levelled;
much more on family and the damage they unwittingly do
and the cloying, clutching nature of a friendship based dishonestly on guilt.


  1. Teenage sex: They think they know everything.
    Family: They think they know.......

    I think there's an echo in here.

    Was it a good book?

  2. A good book? While I was reading it I was not entirely sure, parts of it, that her parents let her disappear and invited males round to stay the night, felt out of kilter, badly observed, but having finished it, it seemed much more likely that it was a subtly-observed comment on how one's own family inevitably appears normal, even when it is grossly dysfunctional. I was moved to write this because of the next day realisation of its multi-layeredness, having initially thought I'd return it to the charity shop.