Wednesday, 8 February 2012

in the bathroom

Already condemned, abused and doomed
for a seventies avocado suite
I’ve compounded the error by painting the walls
chalky emulsion Etruscan red


  1. Are they your photos? I've had one of mine turned into a poster for my bathroom. (Which is blue, btw. Bathrooms are ALWAYS blue when I have a choice.)
    I had a spare bedroom similar to your Etruscan red once, but I toned it with a sort of sandy orange/yellow and had Aboriginal and Maori pictures on the walls.

    1. I was always told blue was too cold for a bathroom ... but obviously it depends on the shade of blue ... and yes, the photos are mine, the poster-size ones (Venice) are in my office, on a pale green called, for some obscure reason, antelope.
      I like the idea and warmth of an Aboriginal and Maori colour scheme.

  2. Oh I like this. Beuatiful colour. Why be a slave to fashion? Our suite is bright yellow -but under threat of being updated this year.