Saturday, 25 February 2012

Stones from four days in Edinburgh

1 brief stop for lunch
England 3, Scotland 2
white flagpoles on the border
north of Berwick

2 Man seen in Princes Street
Blue woolly hat,
side-on cadaverous cheekbones
An hour later
full face tragic and gaunt
in Rose Street

3 from a coffee shop in Nicolson Street
Scarlet 'Shelter' embroidered shirts
Callow compassion, clipboard questioning
of white-cockaded mid-teen cadets
forcing pedestrians into the gutter.

4 from the Hotel du Vin
Window table overlooking
urinal style white tiles
candle flames echoing repetition
beyond the black horizoned blind


  1. I think the 'urinal style tiles' might have put me off my dinner!

    1. Rest of the room was good - I've since discovered it was the city asylum - and the food and company excellent :)