Monday, 19 March 2012

On the windowsill

Fifteen triple A cylinders
empty and useless, power devoured
From now on they’re rechargeable
change of diet for a mouse


  1. Fifteen?
    What on earth were you using them for that 'devoured' the power? (Nice phrase, by the way) Or do you just not throw them away, like me. The number of dead batteries I have to go through before I find a working one is quite amazing.

  2. We've been given recycling bags so I haven't been able to just throw them, but seem to have gone through far too many for the mouse I acquired with my laptop last September (and I don't know why the odd number when it takes two at a time). My husband has one of those battery power checking things so I do know that if they have reached the windowsill they're dead. And I must remember today to bag them up and put in the blue box...

  3. Ah. Batteries are specifically excluded from our recycling and I have to remember to take them to a local shop, who have a box for them. And of course I never do!