Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Shelved CDs above my desk

Classical vertical
a pain in the neck to read
the rest horizontal
titles quick-legible
but a fingertip fight to extract


  1. How did I know they'd be in alphabetical order?

  2. only -ish ... and I'm the daughter of a librarian!

  3. Oooo. Are you? Which library?
    Middlesborough Library had a 'cameo part' in my Nano novel. (Basically because it's a nicer building than Scarborough's.)

  4. He was at Hertford and East Barnet, then Letchworth ~1954-1974.
    My MA tutor Linda Polley wrote an article on Middlesbrough library, if I remember rightly.

  5. I was still a 'northerner' at that stage. Didn't get anywhere near until 1979 - and then it was only Wellingborough! Oh well. It's not THAT small a world then.

    OK - so 1956-8 I was in Chelmsford. But I wasn't visiting libraries then.

  6. I moved from Essex to Hertfordshire in 1953, then north to Teesside in 1974, have been a 'northerner' ever since.