Monday, 11 June 2012

Monday thoughts

Since too much of me is over-fleshed
and fails to function as it did
I take pleasure from my hands' dexterity
performing daily tasks


  1. Even my hands play up since I fell on the snow a couple of winters ago. I carefully avoided outting my hands out so I wouldn't break my wrists - and ended up landing on my elbow instead. The shock went straight up my arm and knackered my wrist anyway!

    1. Well, there's more than a bit of artistic licence here - to say nothing of arthritic - (sorry) but it is at the moment occasional, and it was nothing more demanding that the lifting down from a shelf of a coffee jar, unscrewing the lid, spooning the coffee etc etc. which prompted the thought. I've not tried in decades but I doubt I could knit or crochet for as long as I used to.
      btw I have spent the entire day uploading an ebook of 'Holding Steady' - the one that comes next but one after 'Theme for a summer' There's probably sufficient back story incorporated for 'Reunion' not to be necessary ...

    2. Unscrewing jars.. Now that's a thing that challenges me these days.

      I'll go look for the ebook. Though I've just started something new after reading Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper (review will appear tomorrow). But I'd like to know what happened next. :)

  2. *putting my hands out (Brain doesn't work either)