Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Key to identification

From some nine mostly unlabelled photograph albums and using what I knew of who and when I eventually identified all but two on this Christmas day 1905 photograph.


  1. Oh well done. I have a few photos of my 'great-grands' but I can't work out who's who.

    I love the look of the dapper guy with the bow tie. He looks almost like he's been added in because he seems much more modern than the others. I know I have just read a book about time travel but he puts me in mind of Henry DeTamble slipping back to see some of his ancestors.

    1. The dapper guy - Harry, Tom and Sarah's eldest son - had recently returned from America, where he had been working as an engineer for a couple of years, and had visited his farming brothers in Canada before coming home, so you could say he'd been modernised!
      In fact, he reminds me a lot of my elder son who also closely resembles Louis Theroux ...

    2. That trans-Atlantic influence definitely shows.
      In 1905 my grandfather (dad's side) and his parents were in the States too. In fact he was born out there. I wonder if that's why he looks so much more up-to-date than my other grandad in the inchie. Both those photos were taken in the very early 30s though.