Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New month but no ideas!

I'm totally lacking ideas as to what to use as a 'theme', no matter how loose for this month's blogs, partly due to the fizzling - or drowning - out of April's plans.   It seemed to me that April passed with exceptional speed - I certainly intended walking the two and a half mile route into Yarm on at least one occasion but many days were lost to rain.   

This image is from a book I made when I was at college.   Its title -  'Concertina guide to conception' was inspired by the  expression on this face.


  1. OK. So have you done faces? Actual people that you pass by on your daily business.

    I love creating back stories for everyone. Why they're on the bus; what made them choose those clothes; what they do for a living etc.

  2. I don't get out that much!! But yes, I have tried it at the gym, describing rather than back stories. Perhaps I'll have a theme-less month and try again in June.

  3. Love the face. As for ideas, try not thinking about it to much!