Friday, 27 January 2012


Awaiting Amazon’s delivery
of the next Mark Billingham
I begin A.L. Kennedy's 'Paradise';
immediately feel altered impact
and glad I resisted Pride and Predj.


  1. Hm. Well I know P&P, of course (and would resist it every time!) but I'm unfamiliar with the others.

  2. P&P is one of my 'comfort' titles. With the occasional exception of Ian Rankin I never pursued detective/crime/thriller fiction until I had to write it (arrogant or what?!) but was recommended Mark Billingham, among others by my youngest son, and very much chimes with how I'd like to write it. A.L.Kennedy was recommended by a knowledgeable Stromness bookship owner ... strong and individual, and although I'd never presume to match it she is currently relevant.

  3. Oh. I like Rankin. Maybe I should try to track down some Mark Billingham.

    My 'comfort' books tend to be by Terry Pratchett - because they don't take too much effort and there's always a good laugh, even in the sad bits.

  4. As well as Mark Billingham try Michael Robotham ... but Terry Pratchett? ... definitely not for me ;-)